Water Softeners

Do they really save you money?

YES THEY DO ! ! ! !

In 2009, The Vattelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio along with the Water Quality Research
Foundation examined how much energy savings household water softeners can provide.  The
study confirmed that water softeners increase energy efficiency and extend the life of household
appliances and fixtures.  
Water Heater Effects - Heating water accounts for 14% to 25% of the energy consumed in your
home.  The average rate of scale buildup in a gas storage water heater on unsoftened water was
528 grams per year. The average on a gas storage water heater on softened water was 7 grams
per year.  The average rate of scale buildup in an electric storage water heater was 907 grams
per year compared to 14 grams per year on softened water.
Shower Head Effects - Low Consumption Shower Heads on softened water worked wonderfully
during testing.  Shower heads on unsoftened water clogged at about 3,203 gal. of flow.
Lavatory Faucets - Low Consumption Fixtures on softened water again performed well during
testing.  Faucets on unsoftened water clogged after the equivalent of 950 gallons of water flowed
through them.  This would mean if the average household only ran 20 gallons of water through
that fixture a day then the faucet would plug after about 48 days.

By softening water the carbon footprint a house produces is significantly reduced because you
are not heating the minerals in the water as well as the water.

Water Softeners can rightfully be positioned as one of the very highest energy saving and best
"green" technology appliances that a home owner can own.  

Enjoy the
FEEL of soft water.

F - Function: No clogged fixtures
E - Efficiency: Appliances are more energy- efficient
E - Extended Life: Appliances and plumbing last longer
L - Look: Fixtures and appliances won't tarnish or stain

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