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Everyone Should Know The Following Information.

Please take a second to read through the information on this page to make your self more informed.
Carbon Monoxide or C.O.-  An odorless killer.  This is a gas that is odorless,
colorless, tasteless, and it can cause death or serious health issues even at low concentrations.  
Do you know if your C.O. detector works?  
Most C.O. detector's that you purchase over the counter from a retail store only have a test button to
tell you if the battery is working.  Does your detector test to see if the sensor that detects for C.O. is
working.  All most all brands sold on the market do not tell you if the sensor is bad.  The sensor that
tests for C.O. in your home on average is only good for 3-4 years.  
Albaugh PHC is concerned about you and your familys health and well being.  We sell a carbon
monoxide health monitor.  This is the top c.o. monitor and smoke alarm in the world.  The C.O.
Experts model 2004 is a monitor that picks up and alarms the minute C.O. is detected in your home.  
This monitor has an alarm for the sensor as well as for the battery.  
For more information about C.O. and the model 2004 C.O. Experts Health Monitor please visit the
following two websites.                                                                                   
Health Monitor Brochure