What is Geothermal
Geothermal uses the earths constant ground temperature to heat and cool your home.  This way of heating and cooling
your home is very energy efficient and friendly to the environment.  The earth has a stable temperature from 45 to 58
degrees.  When heating during cold weather, the Earth's heat (the difference between the earth's temperature and the
colder temperature of the air) is transferred through the buried pipes into the circulating liquid and then transferred again
into the building.
When cooling during hot weather, the continually circulating fluid in the pipes picks up heat from the building - thus
helping to cool it - and transfers it into the earth.

For more information on Geothermal you can visit a couple of websites that have great information.
Geothermal Education Office -
U.S. Department of Energy -
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Is Geothermal Right For Your Home or Business
Geothermal can be installed in a new home or business or as a retrofit application in
an existing building.  
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